Credit Coaching /Budgeting Skills

Let KFS help you get that credit score that you deserve! Did you know that bad credit can cost you thousands of dollars over the course of a lifetime?  We will not only review your credit report, but EDUCATE you on what's affecting you the most so it can be fixed by having negative Accounts LEGALLY removed as well as providing you with Credit Building tools such as secured Cards, Rent Reporting etc.

Credit Coaching starts as low as $49 (See our Prices & Packages Page for more info)

Credit Building Tools

It doesn't matter if you are re-building your credit or just starting out in life, KFS can help you with the tools you need to re-establish your credit. We currently offer:

  • Secured Visa card that reports to ALL 3 CREDIT BUREAUS
  • Rental Karma- Helps you build credit by reporting positive rent payments
  • Credit Building Loans- A small personal loan is just the trick to help you establish GREAT credit by making small on-time monthly payments

Business Consulting & Set Up Help

Are you a busy professional or sole proprietor who needs help lining up all of your business documents and getting them established? Are you behind on filing your business taxes or do you need help with establishing business credit? Did you know that there are 3 major business credit bureaus? 

Setting up and maintaining your business can be challenging.  Let KFS  help you get your business established on paper!

  • KFS will file past business returns 
  • KFS will assist in getting your credit profile started with the 3 major business bureaus
  • KFS can also help in establishing business credit
  • Are you using your personal credit cards to fund your business?  Let's explore how a business loan or line of credit can help grow & fund your business!

Income Tax Preparation 

Do you need to file your current tax returns? Or are you behind in filing past tax returns? KFS can help with that.  If you are a small business o​r a regular Joe, we can help you get caught back up with filing your returns & with REASONABLE RATES!

Workshops & Speaking Engagements 

Are you looking for someone to give a talk at your next HR event to your employees, or maybe to students?  Is your organization looking for someone to go over the nuts and bolts of financial literacy for your next event? Kiser Financial Solutions makes money management/credit fun and will engage your audience with a speaking style that won't be forgotten.  Give us a try!

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